For the first time, the CCTA Annual Meeting and Technical Training will be held in conjunction with one another. Technical Training sessions will be held on Tuesday, January 29 and Wednesday, January 30. This is an exciting opportunity for installers, technicians, engineers, supervisory staff and managers to network with operators and vendors alike. Full schedule & session information provided below.

The Technical Training is available at no cost to employees of the association’s Active Members.  The CCTA will provide the training and daytime meals (breakfast, morning break, lunch and afternoon break) for each participant, but transportation, dinner and hotel expenses are the responsibility of each attendee.  Technical Training attendees are welcome to purchase Annual Meeting dinner tickets for $40/person. For representatives of Associate Members, the fee is $200.  For representatives of non-member companies, the fee is $280.

Registrants are required to attend all sessions. Any missed sessions will result in the cable operator company being billed at the full rate. 

Please use the link below to register. Registrations for the training must be made by Thursday, January 24.  On-site registration is not encouraged.

Technical Training Sessions

Backfilling Missing DOCSIS 

Backfilling Missing DOCSIS Details In the context of DOCSIS, much of the lesser details go unexplained, leaving the technician to come to their own, and sometimes incorrect assumptions. In this session, these lesser details are identified and explained in the context of DOCSIS for relevance to the attendees. The objective is to fill knowledge gaps so that the technician knows how a term such as PHY Layer relates to DOCSIS operations.

Troubleshooting Wi-Fi and the Tools That Help

As Wi-Fi continues to be the medium that most people use to stream, download and consume content. It is more relevant than ever to talk about Wi-Fi troubleshooting and the best practices when deploying a residential wireless network. This 60 minute presentation will explore the basic understanding of a Wi-Fi network as well as jump into topics such as Signal Strength, Interference and utilizing Wi-Fi tools to better service our customers. (Three volunteers will be needed to download the Oscium WiPry App and to meet with 15 minutes prior to the presentation. A few demo units will be on hand for those three volunteers to use during the presentation)

Internet of Things, the Evolving Connected Network

Internet of Things, or IoT, is emerging as a big component of the subscriber cable network. Learn about the IoT low powered wireless protocols and standards being favored by cable operator early adopters of this technology. The session will also explore the market (e.g., smart cities), hot items on display at the consumer electronics show (CES), opportunities and common components that make up a modern IoT smart home for a cable subscriber. A hands-on demo of IoT networks will be part of the session, bring your charged laptop if you want to participate.

Impact of Distributed Access Architectures (DAA)

The hybrid fiber coaxial (HFC) access network and hub sites are quickly evolving to address the capacity and bandwidth demands from our residential, commercial, and wireless customers.  The tools of the past like adding more bits per hertz (bits/Hz), increasing spectrum, and increasing node splits are not as effective nor a total solution to solve the challenges in the network.   This session will explore the advantages of a key technology in the next evolution of the access network and the hub sites - distributed access architectures (DAA).  Both the remote physical (R-PHY) architecture and flexible MAC architecture (FMA) will be explored.

Micro Fiber: The Fiber Optic Super Highway is needed NOW! - Ignacio Diaz

What started Puerto Rico on a mass burial of fiber optic cables after hurricane Maria, has now become the driver for the FIBER OPTIC DENSIFICATION of the Island

  • The developments of MICRO FIBERS and MICRO HDPE TUBING has made the burial of these services possible by costing a small fraction of what used to costs before

  • 5G is asking for small cell antennas every 250 meters per carrier, which means that every street pole will have fiber (preferable underground)

  • The new Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11ax) will take us in their first wave to 4.8G (gps) and the second wave should approach 10G, which will move even Wi-Fi’s backhaul to SM fiber

  • Even HOTELS (Marriott and Hilton) are implementing GPON solutions now in all their hotels in order to evade changing cables ever within the properties

We are seeing a densification of fiber optic services creating a SUPER HIGHWAY like never seen before, and even companies like Crown Castle and American Towers are buying every Fiber Optic Cable company is the USA in order to secure their recurring services to Carriers everywhere.  We intend to expose the attendees to all new technologies in the Fiber which will make this deployment a reality.

The State of Passive Optical Networks and Their Benefits to the Next Generation Subscriber

Future subscriber capacity demands continue to grow rapidly, putting pressure on existing cable operator infrastructures like the hybrid fiber coaxial (HFC) service delivery access network.  The passive optical network, or PON, is a next generation access architecture that delivers multi-gigabit services (e.g., 802.3av) and an enhanced quality of experience (QoE) for both residential and commercial subscribers.  GPON (1 G), XGS-PON (10 G), EPON (1/10G) are emerging as viable options for service delivery architectures.  

Fiber-Optic Cable Testing

(This is a hands on session so the trainees will break out into small groups to experience the hands on session)  

Join representatives from Comsonics in this “hands-on” session to measure fiber-optic cable parameters with an optical time domain reflectometer (OTDR), laser light source, and optical power meter.Fiber Optics - Hands On  

Once the trainees have completed their hands on session they will need to fill out their survey and upon completing that they will be able to explore the exhibit hall floor again or take a break until the farewell cocktail reception.